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Love the Electric Rodeo. Fun topics with amazing guests. Season 2 has been awesome so far. can't wait to hear more.

Love it!

I looovee the Electric Rodeo podcast. It is super informative yet really entertaining to listen to. Easy to listen to while commuting, chilling at home or even while working.

What a hoot

Bloody great yarns, Emma's full of charisma, and the podcast is incredibly educational. High fives all round - thanks for making my morning commute a lot more entertaining!

So fun and informative!

I always wanted to know more about toys and sexual things and I love how easygoing and fun it is to listen to :) Emma is so passionate about it as well!

So many Laughs

I love this podcast. It makes my journey home from work so much fun. Emma is fun engaging and very funny. The content is well thought out and they answer some real questions. Listen to it its great!

Love it!

Love this podcast and the discussions they have - educational and so fun :)


Such a fun podcast to listen to! Such interesting topics every week and lots of laughs with the girls.

So fun & really informative!

Such a great podcast, I always have so many laughs listening but learn loads of info at the same time! Emma and Emily cover some great topics and are great hosts! Definitely recommend giving it a listen 😊